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What is this website?

DataForMe's mission is to provide you with more control over your personal data.

Here you can learn how to download and interpret the data that you generate online. By the time you leave this page, you will know how to practice your Right of Access.

My right of access?

You know those messages you send?
Your Google searches?
Instagram likes, the music that you stream?

Most of that data is stored in a database somewhere.

But this is your data, and you should have control over it.

Practicing your Right of Access is as simple as requesting a copy of that information.

You only recently have earned this right! The GDPR went into effect 2018 in Europe. Digital right laws are now being passed in the US too (a recent example being the CCPA).

How do I get started?

It is easy! To get started, click on one of the tiles at the top of the page.

1. Request
a copy of your data
Click on one of the tiles above. Follow the instructions on the page, and request your data.
2. Wait
for your data copy
This is the boring part, you have to wait some time until your data is prepared. You will get an email when your data is ready to download. Then simply download your zip file.
3. Discover
your online habits
All thats left is to attach your zip file in your browser to generate your personal report. You can disconnect from the internet if you wish, all analysis happens locally on your computer.

Is my data safe here?

DataForMe never obtains a copy of your personal information.

The website is designed to work offline. All data analysis happens locally, in your browser.

Your data is therefore as safe as you keep it. Be careful where you store your personal information.

You are the one who will have to request a copy of your data, you will also have to download it afterwards.

This website won't automate those steps for you. The reason for that is that it leaves you entirely in control.

Full Transparency

This website is Open Source.

This means you can view, modify or run a completely local copy of the website if you want. Find the source code on GitHub.

This website is still under development. Things will be changing frequently. If the analysis didn't work for you, you can post about it in the subreddit or create an issue on GitHub.

Did I mention that there are no ads, and no tracking on this website?

I urge you to take a closer look at your personal data. This report is by no means comprehensive. If you notice something that doesn't look right, or if you have suggestions please consider contacting us.